Shims Way Jujitsu

Welcome to Shim’s Way Jujitsu Club. We are a Jujitsu club based in Dover, South East Kent. We practice a mix of Traditional Japanese Jujitsu and Small Circle Jujitsu techniques. Established since 1999, we have a large number of adult and junior students who train weekly at our family friendly club.

New Members Welcome

All new comers are welcome, whether you are new to martial arts or have studied and graded in other styles. Many of our members have grades and experience in other styles of martial arts which include various forms of Karate, Judo and Aikido.

We encourage our students to share their knowledge as we feel that everyone has something to offer and having such a vast knowledge base gives us the edge.

Your first lesson is free so why not come along and try Jujitsu with us.

For more information please contact Sensei Steve Pinfold through our Facebook Page

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