Jujitsu Origins

The Beginning

Jujitsu is a martial art that began with the training of Samurai warriors to defend themselves on the battlefields of feudal Japan. Using the sword (Katana) and other weapons, on foot and on horseback and dressed in full armour made from bamboo, the Samurai went to war.

Modern Jujitsu

Jujitsu today is based more on unarmed self-defense. The weapon art is still practiced, however Jujitsu is geared more towards the street situations we may encounter in today’s sometimes violent world. Students of Jujitsu are enabled to use the body to defend against attackers, with minimal effort and maximum effect against the perpetrators. A student with a good technique, skill and knowledge of Jujitsu would, in nearly all cases be able to subdue any untrained aggressor no matter how strong or vicious they may be. Jujitsu depends not on brute strength but on psychology, knowledge of the anatomy and the skills that students learn.