Happy New Year

New Year 2020

We hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

New Year 2020

We will be back to training for adults on Tuesday 7th January at 6.30pm in the School Hall, Juniors will be returning on the 9th January at 6pm.

We look forward to seeing you all back and training and hope to see lots of new faces.


Congratulations to all our Students

Well done to all our students this year, you have all been fantastic and a pleasure to teach. We hope you are going to enjoy the Christmas Break and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.

A special congratulations to our Students of the Year:

Junior Student of the Year

Alan Czajka

Most Improved Junior Student of the Year

Ksawery Jusko

Junior Grading – June 2018

Congratulations to the students at Shim’s Way Jujitsu Club in Dover on their recent grading success. Over two weekends, 31 students were put through their paces in their bid to achieve their belt, including 5 adult black belts during a gruelling eight hour session.

The following juniors achieved their belts on the 23rd June: Red belt – Alice Higgins, Elsie-Grace Stoakes, Filip Goralczyk, Archie Wall, Sophie Gebhardt and Alan Czaythg. Yellow Belt – Callum Bakridan, Connor Bakridan, Rueben Roberts, Ksawery Jusko and Seweryn Gala. Orange Belt – Poppy Bridge and Hayden Burford. Green Belt- Sebastian Gebherdt, Natasha Harris and Enola Harris. Blue Belt – Dexter Dyer, Mackenzie Dyer, Kaylah Bradbury and Patrick Riley.

Sensei Stephen Pinfold

Its great to see how well everyone has progressed, a pleasure to grade.