About Us

Brief History

The name Shim’s Way was taken by Sensei Steve Pinfold from his instructor Mark Shimwell (6th Dan) when Sensei Shimwell moved away from the area in July 1999. Sensei Shimwell taught Traditional Japanese Jujitsu as well as Small Circle Jujitsu. The syllabus now taught at Shim’s Way Jujitsu Club are those techniques and concepts passed down by Sensei Shimwell that have now been modified to increase the proficiency and effectiveness of the style.

About Jujitsu

Jujitsu is a pure self defense art, therefore students are taught to restrain, immobilise, and control their attacker in many different ways, rather than to harm an attacker. In other words, how to control the situation rather than become the victim.

Jujitsu teaches close quarter defense techniques such as joint locks, chokes, throws, holds and grappling. However it also includes strikes (in particular striking to Atemi points of the body), kicks and blocks. Jujitsu will give you efficient movement and numerous techniques to enable you to counter attackers.